Neuvelle Nariska at Jassendue

Dual CH Tournesol Heriot at Bryantscroft ex Lillymoorland Gina

D:O:B  7/2/2017

Hip Score: 6/7 - 13

Mishka is a natural bob tail

Mishka was the awarded TOP BRITTANY PUPPY 2017

Mishka has been lightly shown, below are some of her critiques:

Bath championship Show - 2019

1st Open Bitch & BCC -  Neuvelle Nariska At Jassendue. B/w, a good bitch that is fit for purpose, up to size but a lovely bitch all through, good dark eyes. (A lot of dogs I saw today, the ears must too light giving expression). No exaggeration, good topline with correct slope to croup onto a low set tail, good sound mover, holding her topline.

Amanda Ellis

Crufts 2019

1st Limit Bitch - Up to size but has typical features. Skull has width and is curved to medium stop. Muzzle tapers and eye well placed, all together showing typical proportions. Soundly constructed with really well sprung ribs and firm loin. Good width to bum and developed quarters

Patsy Hollings

BCGB open show Feb 2019

1st Limit Bitch - 2 year old who has a well balanced outline, beautiful head properties with kindly expression, strong moderate neck, good depth & width of chest, body well ribbed with strong loin, well developed hindquarters & moderate stifle, another that was sound on the move and well handled.

Colin Woodward

BCGB open show Sept 2018

1st Novice Bitch -

Miss D Stewart-Richie

BCGB championship show 2018

1st Novice Bitch - Impressive on the stance to see this well schooled youngster so responsive to her handler. She is slightly taller and lacks a little in squareness, I would like her a little more compact.  Sweet feminine head, slightly rounded skull, nice stop, shorter tapering foreface.  Well set and used triangular ears, alert dark eyes. Has a very well angled front and rear with a body having depth and substance, well rounded ribs.  Presentation was good with a dense flat B/W coat.  Elbows well in on her straight well boned legs with tight round feet.  Muscular quarters moderate return to stifle, an attractive sound brisk mover who covers the ground well.

Jenny Miller

Three Counties championship Show 2018

1st Junior Bitch - 15 mths of age, well up to size at shoulder, but well proportioned overall, head balanced with good muzzle to skull ratios, tapering to nose with skull well shaped, ears well set high of correct length, most appealing dark eye colour set and shape with delightful expression, ribcage well rounded with well muscled hindquarters.

Richard Morris

Crufts 2018

1st Junior Bitch - Such an awkward age and I know this girl did well as a puppy. Still maturing. Liked her head proportions and neck set well into shoulders. Chest still needs to drop, topline to tighten and movement to settle. It will all come back in time.

Joanne Robinson

BCGB open show Feb 2018

1st Junior Bitch - Up to size but within the standard and well balanced.  Pleasing head and expression. Well-muscled shoulder with excellent depth of chest and elbows close to the brisket.  Well rounded ribcage with short loin.  Correct hindquarters, well off for bone and good feet.  Moved briskly and soundly.

Becky Johnson

BCGB Open Show Sept – 2017

1st Puppy Bitch & BPIS - What a quality young bitch, just loved her, with  everything just right for her age. Feminine Head with correct 3 to 2 proportions, a lovely dark eye  giving a soft expression. Short neck, well laid shoulders, lovely bone and substance for age with a  well-developed body. Good width of thigh and so sound on the move for her age. BPIS

Irene Glen

Bournemouth 2017

1st MPB & BPIB - B/W bitch just over 6 months old and entered the ring full of confidence and exhuberance. Very alert expression with a feminine head of correct proportions. Straight front with good leg length to body ratio. Movement very good for one so young. A promising puppy. 

Janette Yarrow

Sue Gudgin

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